Why Prosthetics Are a Better Alternative to Reconstruction

Recovery after a mastectomy involves making major decisions. Once the cancer scare is over, the recovery process begins. This means either accepting how the body looks after a mastectomy or finding a way to regain the look you had prior to surgery. Prosthetics and a mastectomy bra are good options to consider if you don’t want to undergo reconstruction.

Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction Product

Lightweight Materials
Prosthetics normally come in two types of materials, lightweight foam or polyfill, and silicone. The foam or polyfill type is more comfortable, and can be worn immediately after surgery. Silicone prosthetics are somewhat heavier but look and feel more natural. Both can be easily fitted into a mastectomy bra and resemble natural breasts.

Different Sizes and Shapes
Prosthetics come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to resemble a woman’s previous breasts. Women can choose to have different size breasts than their natural ones, or they can order their prosthetics in the same size and shape. Doctors can measure a woman’s natural breasts prior to a mastectomy if they know that prosthesis will be considered after the surgery. This allows the woman to have the exact size and shape custom made for later use.

Special Clothing Options
A mastectomy bra is specially designed to hold prosthetics and keep them from slipping or looking unnatural. Swimsuit tops, blouses, and camisoles are also made especially for the use of prosthetics to help women maintain a more natural look. Mastectomy clothing has sewn in pockets that hold the prosthetics in place. They are completely discreet, and can be worn in almost any type of situation without fear of slippage.

Insurance Options
Insurance companies cover prosthetics and many of the appliances associated with it. Talk to your insurance agent to find out exactly what is covered under your particular policy. Many will cover up to four mastectomy bras each year. Depending on what types of prosthesis’ are being used, insurance will allow new ones to be purchased every couple of years.

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