Your Destination for Compassionate & Personalized Care

For over 50 years, Newport Center Orthopedic has taken pride in serving the health care and medical needs of our community, as well as other communities in and around Orange County.

Founded by Stella and James Chavos in 1967, Newport Center Orthopedic is all about family. We are family-owned and operated, and also family-oriented with a goal to help customers support their own families. Of all the products and services that NCO offers, our customer service is our best. Everyone who works here is committed and dedicated to improving the lives of the customers who step through our doors.

Working Hard to Improve You and Your Family’s Quality of Life

NCO is an important community resource for health care products, aids for daily living, medical supplies and medical rentals. In addition to providing support for aging family members, our store offers products designed for overall health and wellness; people who have experienced sports injuries, as well as customers dealing with back or neck pain, sore feet, achy joints, and tired legs.

Everything NCO does is rooted in a genuine commitment to help customers regain confidence in their lives, no matter what conditions they may be living with.

An Ongoing Commitment to Inspiring Independence

That commitment continues now that Lisa Chavos, the daughter-in-law of Stella and James, has stepped into daily operations as Vice President. Lisa has worked at NCO in a variety of capacities over the past 21 years. She brings compassion and empathy to her leadership today.

Joining the medical space was an unexpected path in Lisa’s life journey, but a chance encounter with a customer who needed help revealed to her that contributing to the health and well-being of customers who are dealing with pain, health issues, and life transitions is exactly what she’s meant to do.

Helping Families Transition Their Care Plans

When an adult who has been a caregiver finds themselves in need of help from the children they’ve cared for, it’s a difficult life change. This is a transition that Lisa is intimately familiar with and works to provide a knowledgeable resource for her community.

For that reason, Newport Center Orthopedic offers more than health care supplies. Lisa and her team work with doctors, therapists, and patients to understand each customer’s specific needs.

Lisa and the Chavos family want NCO to be a safe space for aging customers and their families, as well as a resource for overall health and wellness including those with a minor injury or health problem that requires assistance. They are here to help along every step on the way.

NCO emphasizes the importance of self-care and compassion toward yourself and your family through it all. By offering products that improve overall health and wellness, while increasing quality of life, Newport Center Orthopedic can be part of any family’s long-term care plans. Every emotion during this journey deserves to be felt and heard. As customers take things one day at a time, Newport Center Orthopedic is here to help as much as possible.