Trendelenburg position chair

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Golden Lift Chair

  • Needs 26” from back of chair to wall to use all positions
  • Dual motor
  • Features lift and recline functions as well as pre-set sit, sleep, t.v., and zero gravity
  • Offers full Trendelenburg position where the feet are elevated above the heart- great for swelling and overall heart-health
  • Has single, standard 110 volt wall plug-in

Standing up and sitting down are often taken for granted, that is, until someone can’t do it easily anymore. The ability to stand up and sit down can be affected by surgery, illness, aging or injury. One of the many functions of a reclining lift chair is aiding in the action of standing and sitting. Renting a lift chair is a solution that will make getting into and out of a chair not only possible, but almost effortless thanks to the features of the chair.

Golden Technologies two motor lift chairs offer infinite positions.  Go from a flat position for sleep, to a comfortable reclining position, to the Trendelenburg position to reduce leg swelling, or any position in between. Reclining lift chairs can take a person from a sitting position to an upright position or standing to sitting.

Is Renting a Lift Chair a Good Idea?

Lift chairs range in price depending on the number of motors, fabric choice and features.  Renting a reclining lift chair can be a budget friendly way to experience the many benefits of a lift chair. Renting a lift chair is a good idea if the need is short term. A lift chair can help reduce the risk of falling or getting injured for someone living alone.  A lift chair not only offers independence for the person using the chair, but supports a caregiver by eliminating the strenuous task of lifting someone in and out of a chair.

Lift chairs not only provide comfort and assist in sitting and standing, but with the ability to achieve infinite positions, it is possible to find one that helps alleviate ones pain and discomfort.  Lift chairs are designed to be occupied for many hours at a time.

Benefits of Renting a Lift Chair

There are many benefits with a lift chair rental to consider. Such a product is designed to make it easy for someone to transition from sitting up to standing up and vice versa. Such benefits include:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Rental period to fit your needs
  • Easy to use
  • Delivery and pickup services
  • Reduce leg swelling and improve circulation
  • Increase independence for users
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increased safety transitioning from sitting to standing

Features of the Golden Lift Chair Rental

The Golden Lift Chair is designed to be extremely comfortable, offers flexibility for users and increases safety and independence. Golden Technologies Reclining Lift Chairs work with a simple remote.

The chairs movements are slow to reduce the risk of jolting, and provide a smooth transition from one position to the next. It isn’t going to take long for a user to find the positions on their rented lift chair they like the most! A rented Golden Lift Chair can be a nice addition to a home for safety and comfort!


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