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  • Dimensions: 88”L x 15”-23”H x 36”W
  • Sleep Surface: 80”L x 36”W
  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs.
  • Remote control allows for the head, feet, and entire bed to move up and down
  • There is also a hand crank that will move the bed up and down
  • Single, standard 110 volts plug into wall
  • Invacare Standard Innerspring Mattress
  • .312 innerspring design
  • Brought in and assembled in 7 pieces
  • Durable 11-oz. vinyl cover is anti-bacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant and waterproof for easy use and care (Each bed rental comes with a brand new mattress cover.)

For your convenience, sheet sets, egg crate mattress toppers and alternating air flow mattresses available for purchase and can be delivered with bed.

Hospital Bed Rentals In Orange County

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92603, 92627, 92604, 92651,92612, 92657, 92614, 92660, 92617, 92661, 92626, 92662, 92663,92620, 92646, 92651, 92708, 92704, 92705, 92707, 92602, 92630, 92637, 92647, 92648, 92653, 92656, 92701, 92780

Anywhere outside of our delivery address you are still welcome to rent a chair you would just need to pick it up by your self.

Home health care can be challenging, whether you are caring for a loved one, or recovering yourself.   We understand this can be a tough time and we want to make sure you have everything you need. The right equipment increases flexibility, making it easier for the caregiver to access the patient and allowing for the focus to be on the needs of the person being cared for. A fully electric hospital bed is ideal because the entire bed can be raised or lowered, and the head or foot position can be adjusted up or down independently. With the simple push of a button both accessibility and comfort are easily and swiftly achieved.

The ability to buy or rent a hospital bed from Newport Center Orthopedic is the perfect solution! At home recovery calls for a monthly hospital bed rental however, if the circumstances are more long-term, purchasing a hospital bed may be the best option. Hospital beds are durable and comfortable similar in size and shape to a typical twin bed, the difference being a hospital bed is a little longer. The frame is made from metal and the bed comes outfitted with half rails on both sides, reducing the risk of someone falling out of bed at night.

Is a Hospital Bed a good Idea?

Any time a person is being cared for at home or recovering from a procedure, a hospital bed can be a good idea. The design allows a person to be comfortable as they rest and get treatment. It can be difficult to get in and out of your bed when you recover from surgery or other procedure. The hospital bed gives you the ability to adjust it to the right height so you can get in and out easier.

Since a person spends quite a bit of time in that hospital bed, their overall comfort is essential. Being able to adjust the head to sit up, to watch TV, and to eat is encouraging. The foot part can also be raised for additional comfort and health benefit. If the patient needs to have their legs elevated to help the healing, a fully electric hospital bed offers the opportunity to easily follow those orders.

Fully electric hospital beds are easy to adjust with the remote. Such adjustments can be done by the caregiver or by the patient. Being comfortable in the hospital bed will help a person to relax and to rest better. All of this can help encourage healing and help them avoid additional pain or injuries.

The Benefits of Renting a Hospital Bed

There are several benefits of renting a hospital bed to take into consideration. Caregivers have a huge responsibility. This type of equipment can help them offer the best level of care possible at home for their loved one. Being able to change the height and angle of the bed gives them versatility. It makes sense to make the process of caring for someone easier on the caregiver.

Renting is a good idea when you only need the hospital bed for a short amount of time. A rental is economical, and you only pay for the time you need it. This can range from a few weeks to several months. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly how long you will need it, we understand the healing process can vary for patients. When you no longer need the rental hospital bed just give us a call for pick up.

If purchasing a hospital bed is an expense you didn’t budget for renting can be inexpensive option to make the cost one you can fit into your budget.

Features of an Electric Hospital Bed you can Count on

An electric hospital bed offers many features your typical bed won’t. This The very design makes it easier to take care of someone in the bed. While each brand and model can vary, here are some of the general features you can expect. Verify the one you plan to buy or rent will have the features you need to gain value from it.


The flexibility of an electric hospital bed is the result of the elevation feature. A patient can be positioned completely upright or completely. They can also be in a position anywhere between those two points. A given position can help them to sleep easier or to watch TV and pass the time. Higher elevations are helpful for taking medication and eating.
Many of these hospital beds also have a separate control to elevate the bottom portion of the bed. This position will lift the legs higher than the rest of their body achieving the Trendelenburg position.


The wheels on a hospital bed allow it to be moved with ease. The frame of the beds makes them heavy, the wheels allow someone to move it without difficulty on their own. The wheels can be locked in place too so the bed doesn’t move unless you want it to. Moving the bed to different parts of the room can help the patient with their mental well-being. Facing a window and getting some sunshine during the day can be a wonderful mood booster!

Railings on the Sides

Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility, and preventing accidents from occurring is a priority. Railings on the sides of a hospital bed can prevent falls and additional injuries. The side rails can be engaged when the patient is alone, and are easy to adjust when you need to help the patient, or the patient is getting out of bed.

Adjustable Height

The height of an electric hospital bed can be adjusted with the use of a remote, allowing for someone to get out of bed easily and safely. This feature gives a person who doesn’t need round the clock care the ability to get out of bed on their own without the risk of falling.

Alarm System

Caregivers need to rest and take care of their own needs too. A wonderful safety device is a bed alarm. It will alert the caregiver when he or she isn’t in the room. Ask us about the bed alarms that can be purchased separately.

Durable Design

The overall design of a hospital bed is heavy and powerful. At the same time, it is durable and has many features to ensure safety and overall function with ease.

Patients can be Comfortable in a Hospital Bed

Following the doctor’s orders during recovery reduces the time it takes to feel better. A hospital bed reduces the risk of injuries and the adjustments make it easier to get comfortable. It Hospital beds also makes it easier for caregivers to do their job successfully. When you reach out to us at Newport Center Orthopedic Medical and Surgical Supply, we will help you assess your needs. Let us take some weight off your shoulders, by offering suggestions that will benefit you and your loved ones.