Hernia Support Garments

People suffering from hernia pain and discomfort often find relief from specially designed support garments for hernias. We carry abdominal supports, athletic supports, hernia belts, hernia trusses, and hernia underwear that can offer you relief. You’ll find solutions for femoral, hiatal, incisional/ventral, inguinal/groin, post-surgery, scrotal, umbilical, and abdominal hernia types. Our featured brands include Lumiscope, Frank Stubbs, Universal Surgical, FLA, Hermell, and TruForm. These companies are well known and recommended by healthcare professionals as trusted brands that offer quality products to help you recover and find comfort.

Hernia Underwear

Our hernia underwear options are designed to offer relief from scrotal, inguinal/groin, double, left or right hernias, and can give support across the entire lower abdomen. Hernia underwear is easy and comfortable to wear, and provides compression where you need it most. Wear them and wash them just as you would regular undergarments. They are designed to be discreet, so no one will suspect you are even wearing them.

Hernia Trusses

A truss is a support garment for hernias that helps keep protruding tissue in place and relieves discomfort, especially when bending over, coughing, or lifting objects. They are most helpful for inguinal hernias, in which tissue protrudes through a weak point or tear in the abdominal muscles. Trusses offer temporary relief from pain. Choose from maximum to mild support, padding for single or double hernias, and optional scrotal fixtures.

Hernia Binders

Like trusses, hernia binders provide support for inguinal hernias, as well as abdominal and umbilical hernias. NCO’s hernia binders have a custom fit using strong and flexible wraps that hug your abdomen. Binders can also offer support for tender incision sites, aiding in recovery and pain relief after surgery.

Customer Support with NCO

Finding the right fit with the right product can be challenging when there are so many options available. If you need some advice, please contact our support staff today. We can assist in helping you get the correct sizing and the proper product that fits your specific needs, whether it’s hernia underwear or additional support garments for hernias. We are more than happy to help you find relief and get your normal life back on track faster.