Bathroom Safety Equipment & Fall Prevention

Bathroom safety equipment and fall prevention products provide people a way to boost safety, avoid bathroom falls, create and maintain independence, and generally improve everyday quality of life. NCO carries products such as grab bars, tub bars, hand-held shower sets, bath benches, transfer benches, toilet seat risers, and toilet safety frames. Our products are a durable option to give added support to your loved one. You can lean on them with your full weight and depend on them to hold you up when needed. Our bathroom safety equipment can create a much safer environment for your family members to tackle their daily hygiene routine.

The Risk of Bathroom Falls

You may not realize it, but the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for the elderly or those with limited mobility. The bathroom space is often small and surfaces can become very slick and slippery when wet. On top of that, floors, cabinets, and fixtures are all hard surfaces. When someone falls in a bathroom, they have a greater chance of hitting parts of their body, like the head, neck, shoulders, or knees on another surface. A ceramic sink, tub, toilet, or tile floor can cause great damage to these bodily areas. Falls are the greatest cause of emergency department visits for the elderly each year, and the majority of them occur in the bathroom.

Prevention for the Most Common Bathroom Falls

Tub & Shower

Falls in the bathroom happen most often when seniors are getting into or out of the tub or shower, and when sitting down or standing up when using the toilet. Simple bathroom safety equipment like grab bars, tub bars, hand-held shower sets, bath benches, and transfer benches can make daily baths and showers a much safer task for the elderly to accomplish on their own or with the aid of a home healthcare worker. Grab bars and tub bars give them the extra stability needed to properly balance themselves while transferring in and out. Seats and benches let them conserve energy while bathing so they can have the strength needed to make the final steps out of the bathing area.

Raised Toilet Seats & Portable Commodes

Raised toilet seats make it easier for seniors to use the toilet because they don’t have to strain so much with extra motion. Some raised toilet seats also come with handles that make it even easier to gain stability and position themselves when sitting down or standing back up. If your loved one doesn’t have enough mobility to use the bathroom in its current location, like when it is located on another level of the home, a portable commode may be the next best option in bathroom safety equipment. Portable commodes are lightweight, easy to move from one room to the next, and can be combined with absorbent commode liners that make cleanups easier.

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