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Buzz Around XL from Golden Technologies

  • Weight Capacity: 325lb
  • 14 mile range with full charge
  • Disassembles quickly and easily for transport into 5 pieces under 35lbs each
  • Larger, non-slip deck provides ample foot room
  • Comfort Spring Suspension for a smoother ride
  • Ultra Bright LED headlight
  • LED Battery Gauge
  • Plush, 18” x 16” stadium-style seat
  • Multi-speed
  • 3” ground clearance
  • Tight indoor maneuverability and smooth outdoor performance

An electric scooter can help someone get around easier and gain independence. It can help them enjoy activities and take care of tasks with ease rather than struggling with fatigue. An electric scooter can also reduce the risk of falls for someone with balance issues and other mobility concerns on outings. A Golden Technologies Electric Scooter is easy to operate and breaks down into five pieces for convenient transport.

Is renting an Electric Scooter a good Idea?

Renting an electric scooter is a good idea for someone who has a hard time getting around. If you or someone you know can’t stand for long periods, has difficulty walking or balance issues and you have a short need then renting an electric scooter is a great solution. Renting an electric scooter will give someone the chance to feel a new freedom to take care of this or her own tasks and get around more independently.

Renting can also be a good idea if the cost of buying an electric scooter is not in the immediate budget. Rather than going without, the rental expense is an affordable option. Additionally, by renting before buying, you can explore the effectiveness of an electric scooter to satisfy your needs before committing to a purchase.

Benefits of renting an Electric Scooter

  • Increase safety as it lowers the risk of falls and other injuries
  • Reduces fatigue associated with daily activities and getting around
  • Helps during recovery from surgery or injuries
  • Allows someone to be more independent
  • More affordable than the purchase of an electric scooter
  • Ideal for a short-term need
  • No maintenance obligation
  • Opportunity to try before you buy

Features of Buzz Around XL from Golden Technologies

Using an electric scooter makes getting around faster and easier for those that have difficulty. It also reduces the risk of accidents and fall injuries. For many users, this gives them the freedom to take care of tasks and to have some fun.  For someone who is dependent on others, an electric scooter is the gift of independence!

The Buzz Around is a one of the most reliable scooters available and has features that make the riding experience fantastic.  A Buzz Around XL boosts generous foot room, and a tight turning radius. The scooter also disassembles in under a minute with 4 easy steps so transporting the scooter in a vehicle from one destination to another is easy.

The weight limit on the Buzz Around XL is 325lbs and with a full battery charge has a 14 mile range. Other features include ultra-bright LED angle-adjustable headlight, three inch ground clearance and LED battery gauge

The Buzzaround is easy to maneuver and handle. It can turn into tight spaces around your home or in public venues.   Simple levers on the handle bars make it easy to move forward, in reverse, or turn around.  Rent a Golden Technologies Buzz Around Electric Scooter today!

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