Mastectomy Bras and Prosthesis

For those women who opt not to have reconstructive surgery, or for those who are waiting to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, mastectomy bras are a viable option Used in conjunction with a breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras help recreate the natural symmetry of a woman’s body. Breast prosthesis, also called breast forms, come in many shapes, sizes and materials: silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill interior. Some prosthesis are weighted and some are not. Many prosthesis slip into a pocket in a specially designed mastectomy bra, others come with adhesive patches that attach to the upper edge of the breast area.

Newport Center Orthopedic carries a wide variety of mastectomy bras and prosthesis featuring trusted brands such as Amoena, TruLife and Anita. We have certified, trained fitters on staff and feature private fitting room.

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