Orthopedic Knee Scooter Rentals

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  • Anatomical synthetic rubber handles
  • Easy steering
  • Locking hand brakes
  • Adjusts for right or left leg injuries
  • Easy-to-fold-down steering column for transport
  • 8” wheels
  • Great alternative to crutches!
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Overall weight of scooter: 26lbs
  • Approx. user height: 4’11” – 6’2”
  • Knee pad adjustment range: 16” – 20.5”
  • Handle height adjustment: 31.25”-37.25”
  • Overall dimensions folded: 20.5”H x 17.5”W x 32”L

What is a knee scooter?
The knee scooter, sometimes referred to as a leg caddy or knee walker, is an excellent mobility device for foot or ankle injuries when the affected area cannot bear weight or has limited weight bearing precautions. It can be a great long or short term alternative to crutches or folding walkers that can have adverse effects, such as back or under arm pain from extended use. The knee scooter allows the user to maintain an active and more independent lifestyle which will help in the progress of a quicker recovery.

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