Tips to Enjoy Christmas in Spite of Chronic Pain and Illness

The holidays are hectic and everyone wants a portion of your time. Dealing with chronic pain and fatigue can put a real kink in your plans. The following tips will help you get through the holiday season without losing your sanity and give you a chance to enjoy yourself.

Christmas Celebration with Illness & Pain

Keep Things Simple
Keep things simple. You don’t have to spend all of your time putting together an elaborate gathering. Spend time with those who matter the most and enjoy a quiet evening with family and create memories your children will have for a lifetime.

Stick to Tradition
Tradition is what makes each family’s holiday unique. Embrace the family traditions and pass them down from generation to generation. Following every new fad can be tiring and can leave you frustrated. Stick to the traditions you know and don’t stress about trying to impress anyone.

Do What You Can
Don’t overdo it. If you find you are in too much pain or can’t keep up with the demands of a big gathering, delegate jobs to other family members and have them help put the party together. Chronic pain can severely limit your ability to give 110%. Don’t make yourself sick over it.

Spend Time with Friends
Socialize when you can, even if it’s on the phone or via the internet. Talking to others lets you know you aren’t alone and have friends and family who love you, even if you can’t physically be together.

Take Breaks Often
Take breaks as often as you need to. If you find yourself hurting more than normal, let others take over so you can relax. It’s no fun having a party if you can’t participate.

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