These Newport Beach Restaurants Want to Feed You!

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Takeout is the new norm... for now

We’re super lucky here in the Newport Beach and surrounding areas to have such a wide variety of excellent restaurants from which to choose when we don’t feel like cooking (or doing the dishes- AGAIN), or we’ve got a craving for something we just can’t make at home. 

With the limitations on restaurant patronage and social gathering places in the COVID-19 era, a lot of us find ourselves missing our favorite places to get out for a bite. The good news is, we don’t have to forego the luxury of someone else cooking for a change because Coronavirus is keeping us all home.

From fried chicken to pho, here’s a list of some of the most popular spots in Newport Beach offering takeout and/or delivery right now*:

  • Summer’s Fried Chicken– Sporting good old fashioned comfort food, Summer’s Fried Chicken is just what it says: a fried chicken joint. It’s always a good sign when a restaurant has a chalkboard menu with a few things on it- you know it’s gonna be done well. They have a couple of varieties of fried chicken (including Nashville hot chicken, yum!), and you can order a sandwich basket or a chicken platter with your choice of a couple of sides. The sides are traditional: potato salad, coleslaw, mac and cheese, etc. and they’re all great. They also offer sides of sauces to taste. If you’re looking for something not so fussy and indulgent, Summer’s is an excellent takeout option.
  • TidePoole’s- This place has a creative, lunch-friendly menu for those days that a plain turkey sandwich just won’t do. It’s family-owned, and they pride themselves on serving a little something for everyone. Looking for vegan options? They’ve got it. Need gluten-free? Done. They serve everything from pizzas to buffalo cauliflower and everything in between. (Did we mention the great sandwiches?) 
  • My Greek Kitchen- This Greek restaurant is so fresh; they’ve got beautiful salads, delicious moussaka, chicken souvlaki, and house-made hummus in addition to traditional greek staples like gyros and falafel. This one’s also family-owned and very friendly. You can order takeout from the website, or give them a call.
  • Sushi District- This little gem offers all the usual staples from a sushi bar, but better. The bento box is also good, but there will be appetizers on this menu that you’ve never seen before but will definitely want to try: the jalapeno dumplings, Perilla meatloaf (ground meat wrapped in perilla leaves and fried- so good), and the yellowtail jalapeno salsa just to name a few. Give them a call at (949) 943-2398 to order.
  • Dosirak Company- Amazing, authentic Korean food is what you’ll get from this place, period. No frills- it’s a full-time, grab and go takeout place, so there’s no in-house dining, and MAN does this free them up to focus on the most critical part: the food. They have an extensive dosirak menu (kind of like Korean bento box) and wonderful kimbap, bibimbap, bulgogi, a great cold noodle salad, and much more. If you like Korean cuisine, this is the place for you. Call (949) 769-3476 to order. 
  • Bao Bao Mi Gia- Vietnamese noodles never had it so good. The loving care that the chefs at Bao Bao Mi Gia give their noodle dishes results in sheer perfection- and there’s a great variety of dishes from which to choose. The Mi and Hu Tieu choices are so flavorful, as is the selection of appetizers they offer. Condiment choices are great, and you can elect for any level of spice your palette prefers. To order, call them at (714) 617-5715.

These are just a few of the options available for takeout that get the seal of approval from the locals. Yelp is a great online resource to get the skinny on what’s available, as is Zomato. Some of these establishments offer delivery, but GrubHub is available to bring you what you’re craving as well. 

Bon Apetit!

*Keep in mind, these recommendations are still open and serving takeout and/or delivery at the time of this publishment. It might be a good idea to give a quick call to the business to make sure that’s still the case…