Brand Spotlight: Strongback Mobility

Strongback Mobility is an innovative new company that is making wheelchairs more comfortable and supportive. A traditional wheelchair isn’t designed ergonomically, so it can put stress on your spine when you sit for long periods. By making critical changes to a conventional wheelchair design, Strongback Mobility created a product that is comfortable to use all day long. 

Creating Better Posture

Your spine has natural curves, and when you’re sitting for extended periods, it’s essential to have a chair that supports your natural curvature. Unfortunately, most traditional wheelchairs don’t provide the necessary stability for your lumbar spine or the structure to ensure your posture is supported while sitting. Lack of support leads to slouching, which can put stress on the entire body and lead to back problems, aches, and pains.

The Strongback Mobility chairs have curved frames to provide built-in lumbar support, which makes it easy to maintain good posture while you are sitting. The base of the chair is angled to put the pelvis in an optimal position, preventing you from slouching and helping you feel more stable. Having strain on your back can lead to muscle imbalances, chronic pain, and even slipped discs, so by using a chair with better support, you are preventing health issues not only in your back but in other parts of your body as well. 

Improving Comfort

Strongback Mobility also aims to make wheelchairs much more comfortable for the people using them. Not only do most wheelchairs put stress on your spine, but they are also very uncomfortable, creating stiffness and pressure points after just a short time. Strongback Mobility’s design relieves this pressure, making wheelchairs much more comfortable to use. You can even adjust the amount of lumbar support using velcro backflaps. When purchasing or renting the chair, you can also choose your seat size for optimal comfort. 

The base of the wheelchair is also designed for optimal comfort. It reduces pressure points on the buttocks, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. They also prevent you from slipping in the wheelchair, which is a common problem for many people as they try to readjust and get comfortable. The chair also has footrests that swing out for increased stability and comfort. With the Strongback chair, users have more control. 

Lightweight Design

Strongback Mobility recognizes that customers want both lumbar support and excellent design. They need their chairs to be portable for their busy lifestyles. The Strongback Mobility chair folds up, so it easily fits in the back of a car or anywhere else you need to store it. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry – their models range between 19 and 26 pounds. There are three different models available, depending on what type of wheels you prefer. Strongback Mobility ensures that their chairs are empowering their customers to do more, without feeling limited. 

Strongback Mobility is changing the game for wheelchair users. No longer do they have to sacrifice comfort for mobility and convenience. This unique design prevents injury and discomfort for those who need it most. 

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