This Will Save Your Joints, Feet, And So Much More

It’s hard to deny the visual appeal of wearing high heels – they look very sleek and are very flattering, making you look incredibly statuesque. However, they can also be very uncomfortable, particularly if you have to wear them for long periods of time. Wearing insoles with your high heels is a good way to make them a little more comfortable and prevent foot problems later in life. Whether you have to wear heels for work or just want to wear them to look stylish, here’s how you can benefit from wearing insoles in your shoes.

They make your shoes feel more comfortable.

One of the most obvious reasons to put insoles in your shoes is purely because they will make them feel more comfortable. You’ll be able to wear them for longer periods of time without being distracted by the discomfort of wearing high heels. That extra layer of support can make a huge difference in high-impact shoes like heels

They reduce tissue inflammation in your feet.

When you don’t wear supportive insoles in your shoes, the impact of each step can actually put a strain on your muscles and tendons. Over time, this can lead to a lot of tension and even more serious foot disorders. A good pair of insoles will absorb that impact with supportive cushioning. This will prevent your feet from swelling and hurting, even during a long day on your feet.

They keep your joints aligned properly.

One of the biggest dangers of wearing heels frequently is that they can lead to joint problems because they put you farther forward over your feet than you would normally be. While insoles can’t entirely correct this problem, they can go a long way towards improving it. They can help prevent issues like bunions and corns that occur when your toes are placed improperly in your shoes. They can also help with ankle and knee pain, which can occur as a result of wearing heels frequently.

They make your shoes last longer.

One added benefit of wearing insoles with your shoes is that they will last longer because they’ll give you more support and prevent you from putting excess wear and tear on them. They also prevent your feet from swelling and stretching out your shoes. If you spend a lot of money on your shoes, this alone can be a good reason to put insoles in them, because you’ll get a much higher cost per wear out of them.

If you are interested in wearing insoles with your high heels, you may want to consult a podiatrist first, particularly if you already have foot issues. A podiatrist can help you determine which type of insoles are going to be the most helpful. You should also keep in mind that insoles might not feel comfortable for the first few wears – it often takes time for your muscles to adjust to them. However, in the long run, the insoles will help you stay healthy and comfortable in your high heels.