We Could ALL Use Compression Socks

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Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

What are compression socks good for? Circulation! You don’t have to be a vascular surgeon to know that proper circulation is essential for a healthy body.

Compression socks (or stockings) are fantastic for helping to maintain healthy circulation. We’ve got to have effective blood flow for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to our vital organs. Compression garments can support the function of flushing out lactic acid extremely effectively, and help prevent dangerous blood clots due to circulation problems.

Everyday Uses for Healthy Circulation

Made with firm but stretchy material and manufactured on a special circular loom, they gently hug the leg, providing an effective vascular massage of the area. There are different kinds of compression garments made for different parts of the body, most commonly the arms, legs, and feet. For people dealing with lymphedema and other vascular conditions, the importance of compression socks cannot be overlooked. There are, however, plenty of other circumstances when the benefits of wearing compression socks would be recommended by a healthcare professional.

Compression Socks Can Make Your Workday More Pleasant

If your job requires long periods of sitting (such as those with primarily desk-related work) or standing (retail, restaurant, service-related industries), the blood in the legs and feet may not be circulating effectively. Poor circulation can cause swelling, fatigue, and straight-up discomfort. Because the function of compression socks is like an external pump that will encourage blood flow back to the heart, wearing them at work can benefit the user to help ease these symptoms.

Sitting for Long Periods

Sitting for long periods while traveling can also wreak havoc on leg circulation. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Anyone traveling more than 4 hours by air, by car, or by bus can be at risk for blood clots.” Compression socks are especially a must-have for pilots and others who are stuck at the wheel and can’t get up and move around during their journey.

Limited Mobility Due to Injury or Other Factors

Depending on the circumstances, trying to be mobile can be painful or just plain out of the question for people confined to a bed or wheelchair. Limited mobility can lead to poor circulation. Doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals often prescribe wearing compression socks to benefit patients after surgery, during injury, or when a disability limits mobility, because compression socks support the importance of circulation health.

Pregnancy and Swollen Feet

Pregnant women experience all kinds of discomfort for all sorts of reasons, but one of the most common issues is fluid retention that can lead to swelling and circulation problems. Compression pantyhose for pregnancy can provide welcome relief from the symptoms of fluid retention, including aches, pains, and heaviness. For more information on why pregnant women should invest in the benefits of wearing compression socks,

Compression Garments for Athletes

What else are compression socks good for? Muscle recovery! For athletes specifically, it’s said that boosted circulation helps speed muscle recovery, cutting down on cramping and soreness post-workout. Many sports therapists recommend compression garments to maintain better blood flow during activity, delivering oxygen to the muscles more effectively. It’s also widely believed that the benefits of wearing compression socks and sleeves helps prevent injuries and tissue damage.

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