What Technologies Surgeons Wish for in Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic Technology

In looking ahead at the future of orthopedic care, a group of surgeons have developed a technological wish list for the coming year to help improve the practice.
Orthopedic Technology
This group was interviewed by the Editorial Board of Orthopreneur, a trade publication for orthopedic surgeons. Here are some of the technological insights they believe can improve orthopedic care.

>> Orthopedic Participants

  • Alejandro Badia, MD, founder of OrthoNOW
  • C. Scott Humphrey, MD, founder of Shoulder Options and Humphrey Shoulder Clinic
  • Blair Rhode, MD, founder of Rhode Orthopedic Group and Orland Park Orthopedics Center for Sports Medicine
  • Blaine Warkentine, MD, founder of Vlmty and SurgeryTrack
  • >> New Technologies
    One of the emerging concepts mentioned in the discussion was telemedicine. For patients who have no reason to visit a surgeon, a website that answers medical questions can be very useful. This has to be the essence of telemedicine. A site that detects client arm motion could be beneficial to patients and physicians, cutting costs and reducing doctor visits. Ecommerce systems for hospitals would also improve the billing system.

    Research shows that same day or outpatient surgery is increasing. Dr. Humphrey favors keeping patients out of hospitals as much as possible, rather than admitting them for expensive stays. At-home rehabilitation is an option voiced by Dr. Warkentine, who favors tracking and sensor data monitored by physicians as well. Dr. Rhode supports stable technology, which involves disposable physician preference devices such as shaver blades and thermal equipment.

    Dr. Badia is a proponent of proven stem cell technologies. He believes, however, that the term “stem cell” has become abused as a buzzword and as an expensive injection into patients’ joints. He expects the technology to get more refined in the next few years, but physician-owned surgery facilities will only invest in affordable new equipment as they try to manage costs.

    >> Physician/Patient Relationship Is Foremost
    The participating surgeons also stressed on making procedures more efficient, and stated that since the physician/patient relationship is of utmost importance, they will all work to regain it.