Sawing logs keeping you up at night? Try a snore pillow!

Snore Pillow

Quality of sleep is so essential- sleep researchers release studies every day that show if we don’t get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, it’s bad for our overall health. (Not to mention bad for our moods…) 

So many of us toss and turn at night because we sleep next to someone who snores. Either that, or we’re the one who snores and keeps everyone else awake all night! Regardless of which side of the bed you’re on, snoring is a sleep-killer, and it’s frustrating! 

The worst part is that the offending snorer in your bed can’t help it! It’s not their fault that when they sleep, their airways are blocked, and snoring is the result. This can also be very uncomfortable for those of us who snore- waking after a night of snoring can dry out the throat and nasal passages, making for a sore throat and sinuses. 

Before you cram in some earplugs (which can be helpful, but are often uncomfortable to sleep in, and don’t usually block all the noise)- or head out with a pillow and blanket for the sofa, think about investing in a specialty pillow designed to minimize, or stop snoring altogether. 

Snore pillows are usually designed so that the center of the pillow is thinner than the sides, positioning the head and neck in a posture that creates alignment between your spinal column and skull. This position helps keep your airways clear and reduces the blockages which cause snoring. The best part is that most of these pillows are designed to work for any position in which you sleep most comfortably. 

There is a wide variety of snore pillows on the market these days. From memory foam to buckwheat- there are even smart-pillows available, inserts which detect the sounds of snoring wirelessly via a microphone, then adjusts your pillow to tilt your head, opening up passageways and stopping snoring as soon as it starts. 

NCO carries a great selection of anti-snore pillows as well as pillow wedges- also an excellent option for relief for snoring and respiratory blockages, ensuring a restful night’s sleep is had by all!