Our Customers Are The Best

Greetings all!

Not every day can be sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, we all have those moments when something gets us a little down, I don’t think anyone is immune from that. 

When I’m having one of those moments (or days), logging onto Facebook always serves to brighten my mood (counterintuitive, I know.)

In addition to the fabulous face to face feedback and emails we get from our customers, the reviews from our Facebook page always put a smile on my face and warm my heart. 

I wanted to share a few with you here because I think we could all use a little more positivity in our lives. They also serve to feed the thoughts and feelings of gratitude that accompany this time of year…

Nancy McCurry Pfeifer writes:

“We are from OK and have rented a wheelchair here twice! I picked them because of the ratings and they definitely deserve 5 stars or more! Thx to Lisa for the restaurant recommendation as well as the great service and conversation! Y’all were well worth the longer drive!”

From Janeen Straub:

“We have rented a hospital bed two different times now from Newport Center Orthopedic. They are great. Our last rental, I needed same day service and they accommodated. Great products, great prices, great service. Highly recommend them.”

Teresa Hartsell had this to say:

“My son is a serious baseball player and was having some issues with his hand. The person at the front desk was very knowledgeable and gave me great advice on what brace to purchase to best support his hand. Their product recommendation was just perfect and I am forever thankful for their help. I will definitely go back for any other needs I may have.”

Sarah Zappas wrote:

“Newport Center Orthopedic helped me out tremendously when my mom was in need of help showering and getting around. Lisa helped me in purchasing the right items to make the activities of daily living that much easier for her during this stressful time in her life. She is doing well and I am grateful to NCO and Lisa for the help!!!!!!!”

See what I mean?! I can’t emphasize enough how gratifying it is to hear that we are helping to make a difference in people’s lives! 

Everyone deserves great care and quality of life, regardless of age or situation. Many times, people find themselves in circumstances that are frustrating, uncomfortable, and difficult because of physical limitations, pain, or other conditions that make physical activity unpleasant. 

Circumstances like these can dramatically affect people psychologically, and we’re so happy to see from these reviews that people are caring for each other. I feel so fortunate to be part of that. Caring, compassion, and hope are contagious- I encourage everyone to give a little bit to each other this season as well as the whole year through. 

We’re here to help, whether it is finding the right product to make someone’s (or your own) quality of life better, or just to lend a listening ear. 

Take good care,