MediUSA: One of Our Go-To Resources For Compression Garments and Braces

At Newport Center Orthopedics, we have one main goal: help people feel great through compression garments and braces. These garments can make a huge difference for individuals suffering from edema, hernias, and many other injuries, and we believe that you deserve to have the very best products that will help you continue your daily life despite these conditions. 

Of course, if we want to give our customers the best garments for their conditions, we need to work with the best compression socks and garments manufacturers. That’s why we’ve been working with Medi USA for many years! Here’s what you need to know about Medi USA’s compression stockings, sleeves, and other compression gear.

About Medi USA

The Medi company started their journey in Germany, when founder Wolfgang Weihermüller started a rubber knitting company in 1951. In the decades since, Medi has expanded to become a global leader in the compression garment industry. Medi USA compression stockings, hosiery, socks, and other garments sell better than any competitor operating today!

The Medi team is driven by a philosophy they call the “I feel better” promise. The company is dedicated first and foremost to their customers’ well-being — in other words, whether or not the products make them “feel better.” This patient-first approach results in products that are innovative and unique within the industry, yet also easy for anyone to use.

Our Medi USA Items

We are proud to offer a variety of products from the Medi brand. We have a large inventory of their support socks and hosiery. These garments are great for anyone who suffers from swelling in the legs during the day: individuals with edema, pregnant women, or even people on airplanes!

Medi compression garments are both soft and durable, providing the support you need while still remaining comfortable throughout the day. The company’s many years of experience as a compression socks manufacturer have helped them master the “secret formula” for long-lasting support and comfort — and you can feel the difference right away.

Additionally, Newport Center Orthopedics offers Medi donners for those individuals who need help putting on or taking off their compression garments. These support tools make the task of wearing your Medi USA compression stockings or sleeves easier, so you can accomplish your everyday tasks without discomfort and swelling. 

Shop Medi USA Today

Whether you’re brand new to compression garments or you’ve been wearing them for years, Medi USA is one compression garment manufacturer that we cannot recommend enough. Between their years of experience and their high quality products, Medi has more than earned its place as a global leader in this industry.

Visit our online store today to see our selection of Medi USA compression stockings, sleeves, hosiery, donning devices, and more. If you need help finding the right fit or the right compression level for your specific needs, please contact your physician or reach out to our team right away! We will do our best to help you find the compression garment that helps you resume daily living with comfort and ease.