Jaime Komer and the Art of Happy Vibes

“Be the light you wish to see in the world. Happy Vibes represents your ability, choice, and gift to radiate, to positively impact others by being wholeheartedly you and choosing a fulfilling life.”

Jaime Komer, Olympian and Founder

If ever there was a great mission statement- Jaime Komer has nailed it. 

If you’ve never heard of her, Jaime is an Olympic Medalist and career athlete with a contagious passion for life. 

Also… she’s a Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles. AND is certified in Health & Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Pilates, Permaculture, Therapy-Ball Self-Care Practices, and is working toward a Master’s Candidacy in Health & Wellness Coaching with an emphasis in Nutrition. Oh! And she’s also done some motivational speaking gigs for some pretty impressive clients. So there’s that. 

On top of all that other stuff on her plate, she’s also the founder of Happy Vibes. Through her organization, she mentors others, providing guidance and expertise to individuals and organizations through group coaching, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and public speaking engagements. 

Her specialty is to help women optimize positive energy and elevate their well-being, so they might work better and live more authentically. The result? Successful businesswomen and change-agents who have a positive impact on their relationships, workplaces, homes, and communities.

Happy Vibes does a lot more than that, though. They’ve launched a well-being podcast, Happy Vibes Conversations, spotlighting uplifting and real conversations with women who are out there inspiring change and good in the world.

Jaime has also established a grant program to provide help for women-led small businesses. It’s funded through a portion of her speaking fees, but 50% of proceeds from the sale of Happy Vibes Bracelets also goes to the program. If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out. Each is made with materials that support a theme for healthy living (there’s prosperity, travel, motherhood, career, and lots more). So they help provide grants for small businesses owned by women, they serve as a tangible way to stay mindful, and they’re really cute. Win win win. 

We encourage you to look into Jaime’s organization- she’s doing so many great things to make the world a better place. We also encourage you to click here and join her for a guided, loving-kindness meditation. That’ll make the world a better place, too.