How You Can Prevent Risk of Hernia While Workouts

You know you need to exercise regularly if you want to stay healthy, and that’s true whether you’re 25, 35 or 55. However, as you get older, the risk of injuring yourself increases while working out. Still, even young guys can hurt themselves if they develop improper form during their exercise routine.

Hernia Support Belts

One of the biggest dangers of injuring oneself at the gym comes from lifting weights and strength training. While this type of exercise is essential for most men – especially guys who want to look good, and get stronger – it can be dangerous.

Developing a hernia is one of the biggest fears of lifters everywhere, but it can be avoided. Use these tips to stay safe in the gym whether you just started lifting, or you’re trying to add more weight to your routine.

Warm Up Slowly
When you lift heavy weights you put your body under a lot of stress. Even if you’re in good shape you’re taxing your body in an incredible way, and it’s not something you want to walk right into the gym, and just take on.

That’s why a solid warm-up routine is essential for anybody who lifts weights regularly. Start slow and build up weight. After the warm-up, if you’re too tired to lift your ideal weight, you need to scale back, and build your endurance.

Avoid Forced Reps
Forced reps are what you do when your spotter helps you to finish your set when you can’t do it on your own. A lot of heavy lifters think this builds endurance, but the truth is that you’re just pushing your body too hard, and this can cause complications like hernias in a lot of people.

Stop lifting when you’ve reached the failure point, and start again after a break.

Use a Hernia Belt
If you’re going to be lifting very heavy weights or you plan on doing so in the future, investing in a quality abdominal hernia support belt is something you definitely need to do. Using an abdominal hernia support belt can reduce your hernia risk.

Newport Orthopedic Center offers specially designed hernia supports that include hernia belts, hernia trusses, and hernia briefs that offer relief various types of hernia.