How Wearing a Brace Helps with Spinal Disorders

Back Support Brace

Spinal disorders can be disfiguring and extremely uncomfortable. Orthopedic braces are designed to help relieve discomfort, while at the same time they help to correct issues that lead to abnormal curvature and movement of the spine.

Orthopedic Back Brace

Whether you suffer from a spinal injury or chronic illness that affects the spine, an orthopedic brace can prevent further injury, alleviate pain and inflammation, and hasten the healing process.

Here are some of the ways orthopedic braces help in treating spinal disorders:

Corrects Posture
Orthopedic braces correct posture and help the spine maintain a normal degree of curvature. Maintaining proper posture is important because it helps to strengthen the muscles that hold the spine in position. The longer the spine remains in the correct position, the easier it is for the muscles and connective tissues to conform–further supporting the spine and helping it to heal more quickly.

Maintains Stability
After a surgery, injury or at any time during the treatment of a chronic spine disorder, stabilizing the spine is of the utmost importance. Stabilizing the spine after an injury or as part of a treatment plan keeps the vertebrae and connective tissue in place. This prevents shifting or sliding that could lead to further injury or prolong the healing process. Maintaining proper alignment with orthopedic braces helps a person regain proper posture and re-train the muscles that support the spine.

Supports Muscles and Connective Tissue
Orthopedic braces support muscles and connective tissues allowing them to regain strength. Muscles that go long periods without proper support can become fatigued and are at a higher risk of possible injury. When a brace is used, the spine and the muscles that support it are allowed to function more normally. This not only hastens the healing process, but it re-educates muscle tissues allowing them to return to their original position. As they become stronger, they will be able to provide adequate support to the spine without becoming overworked and fatigued.

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