How to Use a Stocking Donner for Easy Relief From Leg, Back, and Hand Pain


How to Use a Stocking Donner for Easy Relief From Leg, Back, and Hand Pain 

For people suffering from edema, compression stockings can make a huge difference in increasing comfort and reducing pain. Unfortunately, they’re notoriously difficult to put on, particularly for those with pain in the hands, or who have trouble bending forward. 

This is where the stocking donner comes in! These little guys are so helpful, we thought we’d put out a quick guide on how to use one, a few details about the product itself, and what to look for when it’s time to buy. 

How to Use a Stocking Donner

Before we get into the details, we thought this short video from Jobst would help:

Anatomy Of…

Not all stocking donners are created alike. There are different shapes and different types that serve different functions, and are meant for different kinds of use, from the most basic donner that can be used with regular socks (as well as compression) to hospital-grade donners designed to accommodate heavier compression stockings than those you’d wear for everyday use. 

Some donners are designed with a wider base for more stability or a wider area to separate and hold the stockings firmly in place while sliding the foot inside the stocking. These are useful for those suffering from edema who can’t necessarily point the foot enough to slip on the stocking with the donner. 

Shop for Quality

If you look around the internet, there are plenty of examples of stocking donners out there that look like they’d be good quality. Upon getting them home, however, they’re just plain cheap. That, of course, does you zero good.

Features to Look For:

  • Foam grip handles for hand comfort.
  • Smooth surface for snag-free application
  • Sturdy materials
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Accommodates a range of stocking styles

For a quality stocking donner, we recommend Jobst. We’ve sold their products in the store for years, and we’re confident when we say they’re a brand you can trust. Visit us online at to browse our selection of Jobst products. 

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