How to Select the Best After-Surgery Mastectomy Bra


After a mastectomy, the size and shape of your body will change. Depending on the amount of tissue removed, your clothes will fit differently. Choosing the right bra after mastectomy surgery involves finding the right person to fit you, choosing the style of bra that goes with the clothing you own and getting the proper fit. The right bra will fit you snugly and enhance your appearance naturally.

How a Mastectomy Bra Works
Mastectomy bras are recommended to those who have undergone a mastectomy. Losing one or both breasts to cancer doesn’t mean you have to give up on wearing underclothes. These bras work in concurrence with breast forms to give them a symmetrical appearance. They are made up of fabricated material, which offers flexibility, comfort and maximum support for breast forms.

Restoring Your Appearance is Important
When looking for a good mastectomy bra, you need to find one that fits you personally. This could mean that alterations or adjustments may need to be made in order to account for the physical contours of your body. This will also include finding the right cup size and prosthesis.
It is important that you are comfortable with the bra you choose. Restoring your appearance can be an extremely personal experience and you should be very careful when selecting the right fabric, style, and size of your bra.

Choose the Right Fit & Style
Your style of clothing will also determine the style of bra you choose. Choose a bra that will accentuate your features and allow your clothing to fit you naturally. Make sure the mastectomy bras you choose will offer the necessary support and form to fill out your clothing evenly and smoothly.
It is always advisable to choose a branded mastectomy bra that fits accurately. Since the size of your body will change considerably after the surgery, you will need to find bras that are comfortable and not binding. Once you have found the proper size, you will begin to look and feel more like your old self, regaining your self-confidence.