How Compression Stockings Help You Relieve Pain

Surgical stockings are useful aids to help patients feel comfortable during their recovery period following surgery. There are many different types of these solutions — with compression stockings being among the most effective. This type of stocking involves applying pressure to the legs over a period of time for pain relief.
Compression Stocking Sale on 5th & 6th NovHere are some of the main benefits of compression stockings:

Reasons for Compression
There are various reasons why doctors recommend compression stockings after a surgery. One of the most serious reasons is to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be a fatal condition if not treated properly. Another serious condition in which stockings are prescribed is for pulmonary embolism following a stroke.

They are also recommended for leg ulcers and edema, both of which may involve a gradual healing process over several months. The stockings are often used when patients have conditions that result in being immobile following surgery.

Compression Aids
Graduated compression is applied to the legs and ankles of patients who are mobile, which improves venous return. For patients that are unable to stretch well enough to put the stock on and off, additional equipment such as support hosiery applicators may be provided to the patient that allows them to be independent.

Compression Research
Scientists are still undecided on whether or not compression techniques above or below the knee are effective in preventing or reducing the risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism after a patient has suffered a stroke. Information has been difficult to gather in recent studies about products that are given multiple names by different distributors. Not only have distributors been unfamiliar with details about compression stockings, evidence suggests that many pharmacists are also unclear about how to determine specific stocking sizes and do not usual have the proper measuring tools available.

Consequently, patients as well as the medical industry need to be better educated about compression stockings, which are known to help relieve pain and reduce risks of other health conditions when used properly.

Compression stockings and aids are prescribed by many doctors to control pain and reduce swelling. Compression stockings are also a great way to prevent tired, achy and swollen legs during air travel. Anyone who stands on their feet for long periods of time would feel the benefit of wearing compression for which you do not need to have a prescription. There is absolutely no down side to wearing compression and no reason not to! Today’s technology and textiles make compression look fashionable and stylish!

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