Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Dementia Care

A Note From Lisa

It can be difficult to find the right thing to say when someone is in pain; physically, mentally, or both. 

Some of my most personal, poignant, and rewarding moments at the store have come from that “out of my comfort zone” feeling when I am helpless to find the right words to make someone “feel” better. 

During the awkward and sometimes agonizing space of not knowing what to say, all that was left to do was just sit… and listen. I listened and looked into the person’s eyes, staying completely silent, diligent, and present at that moment while they told me what they were experiencing. In that space, a human connection is stirred. That connection is to hear and be heard, and that is powerful.

Needless to say, being a medical supply store, we sell a lot of products to help people with physical pain. The scope and diversity of these products reflect the many ways an individual could be suffering, and a lot of the time, it’s a real wake-up call for me. *Knock on wood*- right now I’m not nursing a broken limb or recovering from an accident, but many people are. 

I’m happy we’ve got some quality options available for people on the road to recovery from an injury or illness. From lift chair and ice therapy machine rental, to knee scooters and walking aides- besides mindful listening, it’s the least we can do to be there.

Stay well, and take good care.