Four-Wheel Walker with Seat Rental

Rents by the day, week or month

  • Locking Hand Brakes
  • Large Padded Seat
  • Under seat pouch
  • Flip-up back
  • Foldable
  • 8” wheels
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Approx. weight of walker: 15.5 lbs

A rollator, otherwise known as a four wheel walker with a seat, is a great piece of equipment to rely on when mobility is challenged by injury, surgery or aging.

With a rollator, as opposed to a transport wheelchair, someone can remain upright and experience support. The design features four wheels, making it more mobile and faster than a traditional two wheeled walker. The built-in seat makes it possible to stop and rest when necessary.


The rollator rental isn’t a good idea for someone who needs a wheelchair or two wheel walker that has more control. The rollator is for someone who can walk on their own but maybe afraid to go walking for an extended period of time. The seat on one is created for short-term use. For example, to take a break from walking or to sit down when you have to wait in line. The for wheels allow you to go as fast as you want so you want to have good balance and control of your walking speed.

Is Renting a Rollator a Good Idea?

Renting a rollator is a good idea when you need assistance for a short amount of time. This can be just a few weeks or for several months. A rollator can reduce the risk of additional strain on the body. It can lower the chances of falling and getting hurt due to being off balance.

Renting a rollator by the week or month is both affordable and practical. If you don’t need a rollator for an extended period of time or you are going on vacation and don’t want to bring one from home a renting a rollator is a great option.

Benefits of renting a Rollator

You will discover several benefits when you rent a rollator, including:

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable design
  • More Maneuverability over a traditional walker
  • Easy to navigate
  • Built-in seat when a little rest is needed
  • Reduces the risk of falls or injuries
  • Helps speed up healing while allowing for mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Folding design for easy transport

Features of a Rollator

With the four-wheel design, support and mobility go hand in hand.  A rollator not only encourages walking but offers a place to take a break when necessary on the padded built in seat.

Rental rollators come standard with locking handbrakes, padded seat and 8” wheels. The rollator is foldable and easy to transport, weighting only 15.5 lbs. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs.

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