Food Safety and COVID-19

We’re practicing caution these days in every aspect of our lives to stay well and keep each other safe. We know to wash our hands frequently, and if that’s not possible, use hand sanitizer. 

We’re wearing masks or face coverings when we’re out and about around others, and social distancing is in full swing. 

Some still have questions, however, about best practices when it comes to the handling of food to minimize exposure. 

There are no published findings yet to connect the transmission of COVID-19 from coughing or sneezing of an infected person to food items or packaging. Its primary method of transmission remains transmission on surfaces like metal and plastic or through the air. 

That said, it’s important to be mindful of what we touch and how close we come to others when shopping for our food. 

Shopping cart handles, touch-screens, and checkout keypads are all susceptible to harboring the virus, so most stores provide antiseptic wipes to their customers to wipe down these surfaces both before and after contact. It’s never a bad idea to carry extras around as well, just in case you’re in a situation where none are available. 

Food delivery and pickup services are a mainstay for local businesses to stay up and running. Again, there’s no evidence to connect the transmission of COVID-19 through food, so order away! Just be sure that contact with food service or delivery workers abides by the rules of social distancing, and everyone’s taking precautions to keep hands clean and faces covered. 

Rules for sanitizing our food remain as they always have, common sense is still the way to go. 

Wash produce as you usually would before eating and store food at the appropriate temperature. Keep an eye on expiration dates, and cook thoroughly when necessary. 

Freezing fresh fruits and vegetables for later use is a great option, be sure to stock up on pantry staples to keep ingredients handy for home-prepared meals. 

With the extra time on our hands, now is an excellent time to get creative with cooking. Try making something you’ve never tried before, or take on a project. Experiment making different kinds of bread, or even try your hand at making cheese- you’d be surprised how easy it is to make fresh mozzarella! 

Now, maybe more than ever, it’s so important to be eating healthy and treating our bodies with care. A healthy immune system begins with what we put in our bodies, so be sure to make your meals count.

Eat well, and stay healthy!