Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is on June 16th this year, which means now is the perfect time to start looking for gifts for your dad. If you’re feeling stumped, look for items that will help him feel healthy and happy, or choose an item that appeals to his interests. Here’s our handy father’s day gift guide to help you get started.


If your dad loves to stay active, why not get him a FitBit or smartwatch so he can track his steps? Today’s smartwatches track several different biomarkers to motivate you to stay healthy and keep you informed about your body. Some fitness trackers and watches also let you add fun apps to the device as well. In addition to helping him feel great, the sleek design will also look great on his wrist.

Kitchen Knife Set

If your dad is more of a foodie, encourage him to cook more with a sleek knife set. Not only is this incredibly practical, but it feels luxurious and will look great in the kitchen. There are many different styles of knife holders available to suit your dad’s taste – you can even opt for a sleek magnetic strip to hold them on the wall.

Golf Session

If your dad likes to golf, reserving a session for and a friend to play on a nice course will certainly make his day. It will also encourage him to get outside and stay active. If you also play golf, this is a great opportunity for some bonding time. He can even show you some of his best swings.

Reusable Water Bottle

A stylish reusable water bottle is a great gift that anyone can enjoy, particularly if they spend a lot of time on the go. Your dad will love a portable water bottle that he can take running or cycling with him, or just use around the office. Opt for a highly durable model with an attractive design. The added bonus of this is that you are also encouraging your dad to take care of the planet!


Stylish and comfy sunglasses are important for your eye health, but they are also something that not everyone wants to spend money on themselves. Get your dad an upgrade from his cheap sunglasses with a nice luxury pair. It’s something he’ll get a lot of use out of, and it will keep his eyes healthy too.

Day Planner

A high-quality planner or journal is the perfect gift for a dad who spends a lot of time at work. You can even get him a nice pen to go with it. This will help him stay more organized, which can help reduce stress levels. A leather-bound option is particularly nice, but your dad will be sure to appreciate any style you get for him.

These are just a few fun gift ideas you can use this father’s day. Getting your dad an item that can help him live a healthier lifestyle shows that you care and will be sure to make him happy.