How To Create A Toxic-Free Home

It’s unpleasant to think about, but most homes are full of toxins that have made their way in from outside. Living with these toxins can have a very harmful effect on your body, but luckily, there are steps you can take to get rid of them and have a fresher living space. Here are some of the most effective ways to remove the toxins in your home. 

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Ironically, cleaning products are actually a huge source of toxins in your home. Traditional cleaning products are chock full of harsh chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your body and for the environment. Instead, look for cleaning products that are specifically formulated without these harsh chemicals. You can also use baking soda, vinegar, and other kitchen products for cleaning in many cases. 

Keep plants in your home. 

There are many benefits to having plants in your house, one of which is that they help keep the air clean. They act as a natural purifier and make your space feel fresher. You can also use plants that have a light, natural scent, like sage, to make your space smell pleasant. Many home fragrances contain chemicals, so this is an effective alternative that will still help your space smell fresh. 

Use water filters. 

Tap water can contain toxins, and a filter is the most efficient way to get rid of them. Buying bottled water is much more expensive and inconvenient than buying a water filter for your faucet. You may also want to consider buying a filter for your showerhead. Filtered shower water is good for your skin and keeps toxins out. This is particularly important if you have kids, as their skin is more sensitive. 

Be a smart shopper. 

When purchasing any new product that’s going to end up in your home, whether it’s a new pillow, makeup product, or set of tools, do some research to find out what materials are in it and how it was made. You might be surprised by how many household products contain toxins. Your best bet is to look for products that contain natural materials and don’t use harmful preservatives. Luckily, an increasing number of manufacturers are improving their practices, lessening the amount of BPA and other potentially harmful toxins in their products. 

Take your shoes off. 

It sounds so simple, but taking your shoes off when you get inside is one of the best ways to prevent toxins from entering your home. If you have a garage or hallway separate from the rest of your house, put your shoes there to keep toxins away from your living and dining areas. You should also keep a doormat outside where people can wipe their feet. 

Making small changes is a good way to ensure that your house stays fresh and healthy. Fewer toxins mean a safer environment for pets and children, and it’s also better for the environment. While it’s difficult to fully eliminate toxins from your home, you can be conscious of the products you are using.