Coronavirus Prevention: What You Need To Know

Coronavirus Prevention
Greetings all — Lisa here.

I know, by the time you’ve poured your first cup of coffee in the morning, you’ve probably already heard the word “Coronavirus” eighteen times- and yet there is STILL a lot of misinformation circulating out there.

That said, I’m still getting a lot of questions about filtration masks, what our supply looks like, and what we can expect, so I just wanted to send out a quick note to give you a little update on our status as well as a few pieces of information I hope you’ll find helpful, and maybe will help to put your minds at ease about a couple of things.

We’ve been sold out of N-95 masks, surgical masks, and every other kind of mask we carry for a month now. They’re not only on back-order from the manufacturers, but they’re also on allocation- meaning that when stocks are replenished, they will go to priority locations such as hospitals.

The CDC has recently published some information about the use of masks to prevent Coronavirus, and the bottom line is that the masks are recommended to be worn by those who are ALREADY infected. For those who aren’t, there are much better ways to proactively stay well.

If you’re trying to avoid contracting the virus- the best line of defense (still) is to WASH YOUR HANDS with warm, soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. We recommend 60-70%, anything above 70%  alcohol can dry out your hands.

If you’re traveling, keep hand sanitizer with you and some sanitizing wipes. Don’t be shy to wipe down surfaces, doorknobs, handrails, seats, etc.

So bottom line: I know people are worried because masks aren’t available right now. With that reality, it’s reassuring to hear from the CDC that we really don’t need them to effectively protect ourselves from getting sick. Everyone needs to wash their hands, sneeze or cough into a tissue or cover your mouth with your elbow, and avoid touching your face as best you can.

If you’d like further information, visit the CDC website for their official response to the outbreak.

As always, take good care!

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