Bathroom Safety Products: Tools For Independence

Bathroom Safety

We have a lot of customers for whom independence is of the utmost importance. Some want to stay in their homes as long as possible with as little outside assistance as possible. 

In the spirit of giving thanks and cultivating gratitude, it’s a good idea for all of us to take a little time to reflect on how lucky we are for the “little things” because little things are a big deal. 

The ability to come and go as we please, cook and clean our own homes, even dress ourselves are freedoms we often take for granted- particularly when it comes to bathroom needs and personal grooming. 

For those who need a little extra assistance for staying at home, NCO has plenty of tools that can help. Bathroom safety products are plentiful, and can possibly make the difference between living unassisted, or needing round the clock care.

Some examples of bathroom safety products that we carry in the store are:

  • Medical shower chairs/foldable shower chairs/shower stools
  • Toilet accessories, such as toilet risers, medical toilet chairs, and accessible toilet seats
  • Products to assist with balance such as bath grab bars, and bathtub mats

Shower chairs, in particular, come in a wide variety of types and uses all based upon the needs of the individual. They range from reclining shower chairs to commode chairs to mobile shower chairs, and many are meant to be portable enough to travel. 

Shower chairs, bath accessories, and toilet assistance products are just a few of the products we carry that empower and enable independence without sacrificing personal hygiene or safety. Everyone deserves a good quality of life, and we are proud to offer products that assist in making that happen!