Adjustable Beds: Healing at Home

Adjustable Bed Rentals

Undergoing major surgery can be traumatic, even frightening, and the pain and discomfort during recovery just add to the unpleasantness of it all. At some point, we’re released to go home (after what seems like an eternity, sometimes), and often that’s where the real healing begins.

There are ways to make home recovery more comfortable so we can heal faster and get back to our lives. At Newport Center Orthopedic, we offer adjustable bed rentals, lift chair rentals, and many other products that help do just that. We offer our adjustable bed rentals by the month, and we deliver and set up the beds throughout Orange County! 

  • Dimensions: 88”L x 15”-23”H x 36”W
  • Sleep Surface: 80″ L x 36″ W
  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs.
  • The remote control allows for the head, feet, and entire bed to move up and down
  • There is also a hand crank that will move the bed up and down
  • Single, standard 110 volts plug into wall
  • Invacare Standard Innerspring Mattress
  • .312 innerspring design
  • Brought in and assembled in 7 pieces
  • Durable 11-oz. vinyl cover is anti-bacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant, and waterproof for easy use and care (Each bed rental comes with a brand new mattress cover.)

For your convenience- sheet sets, egg crate mattress toppers, and alternating airflow hospital bed mattresses are available for purchase and can be delivered with the bed. We even offer standard accessories such as medical tray tables, hospital bed trapezes, and many other helpful orthopedic supplies built to get you back on the road to recovery!