8 Post Mastectomy Tips to Make Your Recovery Easier

Post Mastectomy Recovery

A mastectomy is a life-altering surgery. Recovery takes time and learning to cope with the physical and emotional changes can be difficult. Taking it one step at a time and following a few simple tips can help a great deal.

Here are 8 post mastectomy tips to make your recovery easier:

  1. Get plenty of rest and allow your body to heal. Your body and mind need a sufficient amount of rest to be able to work through the recovery process.

  2. Pain medications are prescribed for a reason. Make sure to utilize them wisely.

  3. Drains are necessary to prevent infection and speed healing. Make sure to properly care for them while they are in place and take a dose of pain medication before having them removed to prevent discomfort.

  4. Post mastectomy bras and camisoles support the chest area and allow for easy movement without pinching or binding. They also help to protect the surgery area from injury or infection.

  5. Attend physical therapy sessions and perform the required exercises at home. This keeps the injured tissues pliable during the healing process and prevents scar tissue from restricting movement or reducing range of motion and flexibility.

  6. Talk to others who are in the same situation. This will give you a perspective and will allow you to vent, grieve, cope and celebrate your ability to move forward with your life. Sharing your feelings will help you cope with the stress and frustration you may feel throughout the healing process.

  7. Resume your daily activities slowly and as soon as you feel up to it. The sooner you begin to follow your normal, day to day schedule, the quicker you will begin to feel like your old self.

  8. Exercise often and with others who can keep your mind off the recent surgery. Begin slowly at first and continue to work towards your health and fitness goals. Exercise increases circulation and will help to strengthen the immune system and speed the healing process.