3 Useful Techniques for Quick ACL Surgery Recovery

Pro athletes who injure their anterior cruciate ligament within the knee use ACL surgery recovery techniques to get back to sports action quicker. Since their careers put them in dangerous situations more often than the average worker, they are prone to suffering more injuries more often.

ACL Surgery Recovery

Here are three of the most useful ideas for accelerating recovery for an ACL injury:

    1. Prepare Before Surgery
      Once you know that you will need ACL surgery, plan a smooth process that extends before and after the operation. Understand the measures you will need to take following an injury, such as keeping swelling under control.

      Your doctor might recommend stationary cycling or other exercises that do not put much pressure on your knees or other body parts.

    2. Be Pro-Active in Post-Surgery
      For several weeks after ACL surgery, you will need to keep the injury area free of heat while reducing swelling as much as possible. Both of these conditions can be controlled through cryotherapy. A cooling system by Game Ready that rapidly circulates ice water known as Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop helps speed up the recovery process.

      You will also need to work on expanding your range of motion while improving flexibility and strength though regular physical therapy.

    3. Use Caution When Returning To Sports
      While engaging in rehabilitative exercises after surgery, it’s important not to overdo it, which can delay recovery time or lead to new injuries. Pro athletes who accelerate their recovery do so by following professional medical advice and making a gradual transition back to normal activities through a controlled rehabilitation program.

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