My Why – A Note From Lisa

Greetings all — Lisa here.

Lately, I’ve gotten some very kind feedback on my blogs! I can’t express how much it warms my heart to know we distribute information that is beneficial (and hopefully entertaining) to our customers. Some may wonder why we feel it’s necessary to include them on our website; I mean, it’s not exactly in-your-face, front-page advertising, or anything.

Well, the reason is twofold:

First- We try to make sure the information we write about is relevant to our customers! Our mission is to educate, offer solutions, advice, and guidance. Why not do this in a way that’s entertaining and fun to read? I like to think of it as building a veritable library on the site!

Second- I am and always will be a creative soul. I love to use creative ways to build a collective of like-minded people to support and learn from each other. I figured creating a series of articles about topics related to health and wellness would be a great way to do that.

Often we build relationships with people undergoing extremely challenging situations- coping with a terminal illness, adjusting to sudden physical disabilities, family members helping to care for those people who can’t care for themselves, to name just a few examples.

Stella handled these situations with loving kindness and was great at making people feel good. She provided so many with hope, moral support, and help during times of need.

That passion lives within me as well, dedicating myself to service and helping others in her footsteps is everlasting.

But I wanted to find my own way to contribute to the incredible legacy she has left, so we’ve broadened that vision just a little bit. I wanted to build upon the solid foundations with which Stella found NCO by exploring issues like community involvement, helping others, personal wellness, and mental health issues.

Much of this outreach comes from day-to-day personal interactions within the store, but we also utilize our wellness blogs to reach out as well. Our articles are diverse, and many of them reflect my own values and are near and dear to my heart.

You can find everything in there that’s useful for cultivating health and well-being. We explore a breadth of topics, with titles like “What to eat while recovering from surgery,” to “How to use exercise to ease the symptoms of Lymphoma,” to “Small things we can do to practice gratitude every day.”

I’ve also made it a point through the blogs and our newsletters to introduce you to some fascinating people doing great things to help our communities, keep us healthy, and cultivate well-being.

Please drop us a note in the comments when you read our blogs to let us know what you think. Was the article helpful? Would you like to learn more? We’d love to hear from you!

I also keep an Instagram and Facebook page for NCO, so follow us for more great tips and helpful information.

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us, you inspire me and remind me every day how grateful I am to be part of such a wonderful family!

As always, take good care!