Best Natural Sunscreens For Summer

Summer is finally here, and that means you should have your beach bag stocked with sunscreen– that has skin-loving ingredients– to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun’s UV rays.

With the beaches and lakes being popular destinations for summertime fun, you should try to use natural sunscreen whenever possible – one that is not only safe for your skin and body, but also safe for the environment.

Recently, sunscreens have been making headlines due to their participation in coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Luckily, many brands are changing the way that sunscreen is formulated, with safe, natural ingredients that offer good-for-you nutrients that won’t irritate your skin or cause harmful side effects when absorbed into the body and won’t damage our precious oceans and other bodies of water.

Here are some of the best natural sunscreen brands to stock up on this summer.

Thinksport Natural Sunscreen
This sunscreen is one of the best out there for the planet, as it’s been approved by the Environmental Working Group for several years now. It’s also great for sensitive skin – it uses a zinc oxide formula as a physical sunblock and is dermatologist approved. It has an SPF of 50 and is water-resistant for 80 minutes, so it’s great for swimming, activities, traveling, and more. We love this option for body protection as the consistency is thicker.

Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream
Badger sunscreens are fragrance-free, gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, and uses a natural blend of clear zinc for SPF 35 protection. It’s water-resistant for 80 minutes and doesn’t leave a pesky white cast. It also is 98 percent organic, non-comedogenic, and biodegradable. This is a sunscreen that is perfect for the entire family.

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen Stick
This unique stick formula is very easy to apply and is ideal for your face, neck, and even your lips – any areas that are hard to get at with a typical liquid formula. This product uses an organic blend of clear zinc that won’t leave a white cast and won’t irritate your skin. It’s fragrance-free, has an SPF of 30, and it’s also resistant to water and sweat for 80 minutes.

100% Pure Tomato Lycopene SPF 20
This face sunscreen doubles as a moisturizer, and it’s particularly great for day to day wear. All of the ingredients are natural and fresh – you’ll find coconut oil, aloe, and carrots in the formula, which will all nourish your skin. The tomato lycopene in the formula protects your skin from pollution as well. It provides both UVA and UVB protection, so you’ll stay safe from the sun’s aging and burning rays.

All Good Zinc Oxide Sport Sunscreen
This sunscreen has a lightweight formula that’s ideal for active, outdoorsy people. It never feels greasy, and it’s made entirely of environmentally friendly natural zinc. It has SPF 30, and it also has a range of soothing ingredients like rosehip and green tea that are great for nourishing your skin.

Whether it is cloudy or sunny, you are driving, hiking, or swimming at the beach, it’s important to protect your skin from all angles of the sun. You can get sun damage just by going on short walks outside or even riding in a car– putting on sunscreen every day can prevent that. Natural sunscreen is also a must, especially if you have kids. Now’s the perfect time to stock up on some new sunscreen brands and treat your skin and environment with a little TLC without skipping on the fun.