10 Unique Ways To Use CBD

Coffee, baked goods, tinctures, smoothies… CBD is taking the wellness world by storm. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is derived from cannabis plants. However, it does not have psychoactive effects, so you don’t need to worry about getting that “high” feeling. With all of the benefits this plant-based product totes, there are dozens of reasons to begin incorporating it into your wellness routine! Here are 10 unique ways to use CBD.

Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil is arguably the most popular and well-known CBD product. These oils are easy to use and can help you feel relaxed both physically and mentally. CBD oils are typically taken with a few drops under the tongue. You could also add a few drops to a glass of water, incorporate it into your smoothie recipe, or add it to your daily coffee or tea. With most CBD oils, you only need a few drops. Be sure to follow the recommended dose on the label, starting with the smallest dose and working your way up if needed.


Sprays are very similar to tinctures, and your personal preference will determine which one is better for you. However, instead of putting the drops under the tongue, you spray straight into your mouth. Some CBD sprays are also made to be used topically, which can help treat sore muscles directly and get into the bloodstream quicker. If you are looking to use topical CBD sprays as the gateway to your bloodstream, spray it on thinner skin such as the back of your neck and forearms.


Lotions and creams are another popular way to use CBD. This strategy is particularly useful if you have sore muscles that you would like to soothe. Lotions come in a variety of different scents, and many of them also contain moisturizing ingredients that are good for your skin. Applying them right after you get out of the shower is an excellent way to relax and optimize absorption. 


Edibles are a fun way to get the effects of CBD safely. You can find many different types of edibles already available, like pastries, candies, “fat bombs,” and more, but you can also add CBD to your food yourself. Keep in mind that CBD takes much longer to absorb if you eat it as opposed to using other methods, so it may not be the most efficient. 


If you don’t want to add CBD into your food directly, you can also look for seasoning products like olive oil that contain it. This also works great for making homemade salad dressings or as a finishing touch on dishes.


Many drink companies are incorporating CBD into their beverages. You’ll find CBD in everything from coffee to smoothies to kombucha, and even alcoholic beverages like cocktails and beer. They’re a great addition into your CBD practice if you need to ease your nerves, relax, or wind down.


CBD pills are a quick and convenient way to take CBD  to help with different health conditions. You can treat it like a supplement, and they usually take about half an hour to start working.


CBD patches are a new trend that’s helpful if you want to enjoy a small but consistent amount of CBD throughout the day. They adhere to the skin and release small portions of CBD into the bloodstream as the day goes on.


CBD gum will also help you get a controlled boost of relaxation over a long period of time. If you already like to chew gum, this is a great way to add CBD into your routine.